R 420.00 per box of 40 plates

(Price per unit is R 10.50)

Plate Dimensions:

W 220mm x H 25mm x T 4mm

Greek Clay Plates are

NOT sold individually.

You have to purchase a sealed box.

The Average is 4 plates per person.

Greek clay plates can break easily, be sure to take breakages into consideration as we do  not exchange any broken plates, we offer NO refunds or exchanges once a sealed boxes purchased.

We Can Deliver:

R 750.00 Johannesburg

      R 950.00 Pretoria               

R 950.00 Muldersdrift

For Outside Areas

Please see courier options.

We recommend you arrange your own courier as to avoid any confusion, mis spelling, name, any location errors or late deliveries.


Hellenic Radio

at the

Greek Sporting Club

7 Civin Drive, Senderwood, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

On Thursday's 12:00 - 14:00

Orders placed after Thursday need to be collected the following Thursday.

If you arranged for courier collection, Please ask the courier to have: 

The amount of boxes they are collecting, your contact details, and

Alex from Greekplates.com

on the collection slip. 

For courier you can use 

Sunrise Express 


We NO longer recommend

The Courier Guy

As breakages were too many

Courier companies see plates as high risk, so not any company will courier them.


Plates are packed in boxes wrapped with newspaper and fragile stickers placed on them.

Box Dimensions:

l 24cm x w 32 cm x h 31

17 KG each box.

Please take breakages into consideration when ordering as we cannot be held accountable for breakages during courier.

For All Orders Please Complete Our Order Form

Please Note:
We recommend you arrange your own courier through the options provided as to avoid any confusion, mis spelling, name and location errors and late payments.

Thank You for your order!

You will soon receive an invoice for payment. 

Email us your POP once payment is made and

your order will ready for collection or delivery.

We will be in touch!


Breaking plates is a symbol of anger, a classic part of domestic disturbances. Since plate breaking often occurs at happy occasions, it is a way of fooling malicious spirits into thinking that the event was a violent one instead of a celebration.

Worldwide, noise is believed to drive away evil, and the sound of the plates smashing against the stone or marble floors of Greek houses would be loud enough to scare off almost anything.