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Shell Shape 20CM Greek Plates (20 per box)

Shell Shape 20CM Greek Plates (20 per box)


Introducing our Shell Shape 20cm Clay Plate, meticulously crafted to elevate your experience with style and functionality.


Each box contains 20 circular plates, with dimensions of

(t) 7mm x (w) 200mm x (h) 20mm, these plates are perfect for gatherings or events and offer a generous surface area, while maintaining a sleek and compact design.


We recommend 2 box's of 20 per table of 10, ensuring every guest is provided with 4 plates to accommodate the experince.


Crafted with care and weighing roughly 200g each, these plates strike the perfect balance between durability and elegance.


    Plate Dimensions

    20cm Clay Plate (200g) 

    (t) 7mm x (w) 200mm x (h) 20mm 


    Box Dimensions

    (l) 310mm x (w) 250mm x (h) 320mm 

    Box Weight - 5KG


    Each box contain barcodes for point of sale.


    We offer NO refunds or exchanges once a sealed box purchased.


    Crockery are a liability therefore you need to take breakages into consideration.


    Our plates go through thorough inspection before packaging, we have taken breakages into consideration and package our plates as safe as possible.


    We will arrange courier with The Courier Guy  and will quote accordingly when we invoice for your order.


    Please double check your delivery information as to avoid any mis spelling, location errors, late deliveries or accrued costs.


    Greek Plates are wrapped with newspaper, bubble wrapped, packed in boxes and have fragile stickers placed on them.


    Box Dimensions: (l) 310mm x (w) 230mm x (h) 240mm at 9 KG's per box.


    Courier companies see plates as high risk, so not any company will courier them.

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